How the Seven Stars Inn in Aberedw was saved: Part One

The First Call to Action

Powys County Times Article

19th April 2018
By Anwen Parry @AnwenParryCT

Seven Stars Inn: ‘Help us find a buyer to save pub’ say owners

The owners of a pub in Aberedw have called for the community to save it from closure.

Ian and Patricia Evans applied for planning permission to turn the pub into a house but Aberedw Community Council has objected to the plans to convert the Seven Stars pub.

A statement read on behalf of Mr and Mrs Evans at a community meeting earlier this month said: “To those that have shouted loud with their criticism, we would hope you could speak just as loudly to save the pub and help us to find a buyer who will love it as much as we have done.

“Better still actions speak louder than words. You can start a project to keep the Seven Stars as a community pub.

“We cherish our lovely pub with its many local characters. We want it, more than anything, to continue being a pub and serve the community, near and far. We cherish the memories and history it holds and how the community pulls together and looks out for one another.”

Mr and Mrs Evans bought the pub in 2004 and saved it from closure. Patricia has lived in the area all her life and Ian had his first legal pint in the pub. But after three unsuccessful attempts to lease it out, they have decided to convert the pub into a house.

“Unfortunately, for a year now, we have been financing a ‘black hole’ and, clearly, that cannot go on. We have had to invest our time and money, in excess of £60,000, in bringing the pub back to its former glory. We applied for consent of use as an alternative option because of the lack of progress to sell or lease.

“There is no income coming in but, every month, we have to find money to pay mortgage payments, business rates for the pub, council tax for the cottage, buildings insurance and utility standing charges, even though no services are being used. We have had to pay all of those costs for a whole year on top of costs of the court case and the bailiffs and of cleaning up and refurbishing the pub.

“We are of an age now where we want to be able to spend more time with our children and grandchildren all of whom live out of the local area and we cannot give the time and energy needed to work the pub again.”

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